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Post by afiNity on Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:02 pm

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Announcing the Harry Potter Singleplayer Campaign!

The Harry Potter Singleplayer Campaign is a mod that transports the player into the magical world of Harry Potter. Prepare yourself as you take the place of a young wizard studying alongside Harry Potter at the grand Hogwarts school. That's right! You won't be playing as Harry during this epic campaign. This mod allows the player to write his own story...his fate is literally in your hands. The mod will showcase many exciting new features, such as:

-Role playing
-A huge list of spells, weapons, potions, robes, and much more
-Reworked ammo system for spells, throws out the default system used by JA
-Dialogue choosers which allow the player to be in full control of their destiny
-Huge, free-roaming based maps
-Beautiful effects
-Entirely new user interfaces like the use of an inventory system
-An exciting SP campaign

We hope to provide a gameplay atmosphere where the player is truly in control. Almost every choice will be made by the player. While there will be an underlying story and required objectives, quests and mini-games will intrigue players. Interacting with the world around you will be easy using the 'examine' and 'use' functions we hope to implement.

Before I go any further, enjoy a massive image dump:

Official announcement Hpshot11Official announcement Hpshot12Official announcement Hpshot13Official announcement Hpshot14
Official announcement Hpshot15Official announcement Hpshot16Official announcement Hpshot17Official announcement Hpshot18
Official announcement Hpshot19Official announcement Hpshot20Official announcement Hpshot21Official announcement Hpshot22

The current team at the moment consists of therfiles, and afiNity. Together we hope to bring your this simply amazing mod.

We would also like to thank the following for their contributions:
Revan Dark, bloodthirdydude, Spanki, Aru-Wen, and Smoke Designs.

Another group of people deserve credit: The Harry Potter TC Team. While, sadly, this mod never was completed, a representative from the mod team donated the old assets from the mod to our cause. Thank you so much! A special shout out to BlasTech who made it all possible.

We would love any assistance we can get from the community. Ideas and features you would like to see would be valuable contributions. Also, we are looking for some capable team members. Especially anyone skilled with modelling, mapping, and voice acting. Please make a post on our forums here:

Please note that our forums are WIP and so is all the content you see!

-The Harry Potter Team

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