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Post by TheZaeron on Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:51 pm

Username: TheZaeron
Real Name: Classified
Position: Modeller
Areas of interest: Modelling
Reason for joining: An intense love for the Harry Potter universe. And the Jedi Knight games. And role playing games. This is basically one of the things I just /want/.
Previous experience: I honestly haven't done any modding before. I've done bits and bobs in Blender before, and I started to make a Harry Potter RPG in Engine001, but I just don't have the time to solo a project like that. Here's an untextured Cleansweep:  

TheZaeron Cleansweepxi_basic_by_thezaeron-d6klka5

The perspective in Blender is a little strong. Scaled to human proportions, this would be 2.5m long, with that kink in the handle coming around 1.4m from the front. Twigs at the back are half a metre, and there's just less than a metre between the footrests and the kink/pommel. I figured those dimensions based on an average British man being 5'9", with an inseam of roughly 90cm. The design is based off Ron's Cleansweep XI from HBP which was, to be blunt, very plain and boring next to Harry's brooms. I anticipate the Firebolt to be a nice challenge Smile Still, I'll do some texturing and detail work on this unless there's someone on the team who wants to do that stuff.

And here is an untextured lightsaber I'm nearly finished with, because the broom is the only 3D HP thing I have:

 TheZaeron Lights12

Sorry about the slightly dodgy renders, but it takes ages otherwise Rolling Eyes 

Info: I don't have a great deal of time on my hands, since I'm currently applying for med school, but I can churn out the less intricate things like quidditch equipment, wands and so on in my spare time. Anyhow, I do some writing in my spare time, and I'm currently working on Harry Potter fanfiction, so I could help with dialogue and story. I must have played JKO and JKA three or four times, big fan of those. I've played all the HP games on PC apart from eight, mainly because I hated seven so much I couldn't bear it. I've played the PS and PS2 versions of the first two. I'm one of those people that got Traveller on DA:O, so that should tell you something about me Smile 

In closing, I hope I can contribute to this. I've always wanted a proper Harry Potter RPG. I want to see a game where the player can actually make a mark on the HP universe. I want to be able to forge a new path in the hopes of avoiding a disaster like the Ministry incident and create whole new problems (for instance, summoning half the DA and a couple of them dieing). If not, best of luck guys, this is a worthy cause.


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